1: Wolfe's Neck State Park - Freeport, Maine

Wolfes Neck is probably my #1 go to for sessions - For the simple fact of it is absolutely beautiful, easy to access and it's never over crowded. The parking lot can be packed and you will hardly see people on the trails! The key though, is to go when the tide is low! That's when you'll be able to access little private beaches!!

2: Kettle Cove - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I've only used this location for 2 sessions, but I was absolutely in love with it! The way the light came down over the water was absolutely amazing! This location is definitely more for the outgoing couples because there were tons of people when I went. Make sure you are going to be comfortable getting close and snuggly with your love if you choose this location!

3: Pine Point Beach - Scarborough, Maine

If you can't tell by now, sessions on the coast absolutely have my heart! My 3rd pick is Pine Point Beach right in Scarborough! It is a massive, easily accessible beach. Even if it seems like there are a lot of beach goers, you can almost always find a spot with minimal people near the rocks for a little more privacy!

4: Covered Bridge - Bethel, Maine

The Covered Bridge in Bethel is the most perfect Fall foliage location! Located right near Sunday River, you have access to a brook, the bridge, and walking paths to showcase those amazing warm autumn colors!!

5: My Backyard!!

As a photographer I'm also trying to make something magical out of the ordinary. I have a section of woods, and street access around my house. During a snow storm this winter, it was absolutely magical and I fell in love with my backyard for a back drop!!