Meaghan + Chris - Adventurous Maine Engagement Session

“ So dare I say it but our love story began online! Yes, we both swiped right and we are so thankful we did!! Chris and I were inseparable from the beginning! Small talk became long conversations and dates soon occurred day after day. It was truly meant to be from the start! We had so much in common including our love for travel and trying new things together. 

The proposal was during our 2nd cruise to the Caribbean together! I remember the moment perfectly.. it was sunset and we were in the middle of the ocean, not a piece of land in sight. Chris asked me to join him on our balcony of our suite. As I walked out to meet him, he grabbed my hands immediately, told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend forever together and then, getting down on one knee, he popped the question! I cried like a baby but my heart was so full! I’ve never screamed YES so loud in my life and the rest is history! 

Truly the best day of my life, I know that’s corny but it was Lol” - Meaghan

I had the most amazing session with these two incredible humans. Meaghan and Chris were so adventurous and willing to do just about anything. Including walking across huge fallen logs, getting in freezing cold water, and crossing pools on the beach with literally THOUSANDS of hermit crabs on Pine Point Beach. It really was the perfect session and I can’t for Meaghan and Chris to get married in just a few months!!

Meaghan and Chris will be getting married on June 19th at Fort Allen Park

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