I wanted to make this blog post all about how I direct and pose my clients at sessions! I think it is so important that the clients are comfortable, having fun, and most importantly being THEMSELVES. I say "posing" but a better term for it would be "prompting/directing". I am going to go through 5 of my favorite prompts that will leave your clients with not just another plain photoshoot but a fun memorable experience! These prompts will help emit genuine emotions and moments for you to capture. That's the goal at the end of every session right?!? I hope you find these tips helpful!!

All the love and light - Ranissa

1: The Ice Breaker

I almost ALWAYS do this pose at the very beginning of my sessions - it's a great way to get clients close and lovey without feeling like you're throwing them into advanced posing at the very start. Hence, the Ice Breaker name I gave it. You'll notice I said advanced posing, you need to almost coach your clients on how to create these moments. Now, I don't just tell my clients "Okay, do the ice breaker" I think it would be a little silly to expect our clients to know what that is! So, to get them into this pose I usually say "Okay, I'm going to have you two stand face to face looking at each other, nice, super close and hold hands" While they do this, I will start directing them to kiss, bring their foreheads together, whisper sweet nothings in her ear. I use this variation through almost all of my directing. This will add movement and moments in your shots!

Location: The Causeway - Naples, Maine

2: The Drunk Walk

I think the name speaks for itself, haha! I just prompt my clients to wrap your arm around the top of your significant others shoulder, and walk toward me like you're walking home from the bar! 9 times out of 10 your client will give you a good laugh and the exact moment you were hoping to capture!!

Location: The Vista of Maine - Greene, Maine

3: The Bear Hug

Another great starter pose! You can throw this prompt in at any point of a session and it will always get a good moment! I direct one of my clients to stand behind the other and to have both hold their arms out like a T, then place your hand on top of hand and then wrap your significant other up in a great big bear hug!! I will add in different variations such as, whisper something funny in her ear, kiss the side/back of her head, look off past me!

Location: Portland Headlight - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

4: Booty Grab!

One of my favorite prompts is to have my clients stand face to face and have my client scoop their significant other up by the booty - that's right - a good ole booty grab! I usually direct the client getting picked up to run their hands thru their significant others hair. I add in those same variations while I'm shooting - touch foreheads, give eskimo kisses, kiss, and then kiss with your teeth. Yup, you read that right. Kiss with your teeth, I always get a funny reaction to this direction but it always has amazing results!

Location: My Backyard

5: Sneak Attack!

This prompt is so much fun and a little bit of a surprise! I prompt client 1 to stand facing me and have client 2, stand a little ways back and have them sneak attack their partner! When they get to their partner I have them swing them around ( GENTLY) I would do this pose toward the end of a session, you're comfortable with your clients and they're probably game for anything!! It's such a fun way to create movement!!

I would love your feedback, if you thought this blog was helpful and would like more blog posts like this, shoot me a message! I would love to hear from you!