Jessica and Mike - July 10th, 2020

Mike reached out to me last July about his plans to propose to his girlfriend, Jessica. I was so extremely honored and of course said when and where!? Mike said anywhere with a gorgeous view! I knew Cathedral Ledge would be the perfect spot! Mike also let me know we needed to do this ASAP because he was leaving for work and would be gone for a month. We scheduled the surprise proposal for THAT same week!! Typically you can drive up Cathedral Ledge but last year due to COVID restrictions you were only allowed to walk up the trail. So, that’s what we did. Mike and Jessica walked up Cathedral Ledge, I was already up at the top taking landscape photos and was keeping an eye out for an adorable couple and their two dogs! (Thankfully they were the only couple with dogs!!) Mike lead Jessica out the the edge of the rock, pulled the ring out of his back pack and asked Jessica to marry him. She said YES!!! She had no clue, up until I started cheering and was over the moon excited for them!!! We finished the sunset off with more amazing photos and of course a champagne pop!! Mike and Jessica’s proposal is definitely one for the books and one I’ll always remember!! <3

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